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Wine With Niko

Hello! I am Niko, a Greek living in Portland, OR. Growing up, I was surrounded by the basics of life: good food, krasi (wine), and family. After many years of traveling through Europe to explore food and wine, I settled in Portland where I have parlayed my love for wine and good conversation into works4wine. 

I specialize in creating curated experiences for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Oregon's wine country. 

Niko Grimanis
Founder & Tour Director

How I like to drink my wine

Experiencing our world with all of our senses is very important and somehow it completes us.  If you use only one sense you experience a very small part of the world.  Wine helped me train all my senses to a better awareness of my environment. 

I drink wine by using as many senses as I can. 


First, I admire its beautiful color.  Especially red wine.  I take time to look into my glass and enjoy its illuminating qualities.  I lift it up.  I swirl it.  I lay it  . . . . .  I gaze into it, as it changes with the light.  And I take time for this.  A  lot of time. 


As the glass passes my face, my nose catches hints of aroma.  It’s an invitation to pay more attention.  To focus on what’s in the glass.  I bring the glass closer to my face. My nose finally is able to enjoy the aroma that wine has released into the air.  I take a deep breath . . . almost like the one therapists tell you to take to relax.  :-)   and I realize how relaxing it is to take it all in.  With each breath I understand more about this wonderful elixir of life. 


The time comes when it’s almost impossible to resist its touch. The last part of a dance.  Where you are able to finally tell . . . . Is it stepping on your toes or is it a smooth dancer?  Is it the one who just does the job or is it a complex and full of character partner?   I’ll have to keep trying . . .   ;-)

Please join me ! 

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